The following links point to pages in the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics Historic Church Documents section.

While we do have some minor differences with some of the documents they have listed, we do agree with the majority of the material.

Specifically mentioned in our constitution are the following:


 Confessions & Catechisms 

  • The Canons of Dordt – Written in 1618 A.D., “The Synod of Dordt was held in order to settle a serious controversy in the Dutch churches initiated by the rise of Arminianism.” “The Decision of the Synod of Dordt on the Five Main Points of Doctrine in Dispute in the Netherlands is popularly known as the Canons of Dordt.”
  • The Belgic Confession – Written in 1567 and revised in 1618 A.D.; the Belgic Confession is the oldest confession of the reformed faith.
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith – 1647 version
  • The Heidelberg Catechism – The first edition appeared in 1563. Details of the history of the document can be found here.
  • The Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms – catechisms based on the Westminster Confession.

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