Worship Services

Sunday Bible Study at 9:30am
Sunday Worship at 10:30am

Open Wire Wednesday 7 P.M. In The Fellowship Hall

Church of the King is located at 7401 N. Ware Road in McAllen, Texas. Our Sunday worship services are held at 10:30am.

You are also welcome to join one of our Bible Study classes held every Sunday at 9:30am. There are two adult classes to choose from, and children’s Sunday school is also available.

No entertainment; no bright lights, just plain truth!

A nursery is available for little ones, as well as Children’s Church for those of school age. For more services and events, please see our calendar.

Our Beliefs

Church of the King is a Christian fellowship that believes: the Bible is the only guide to life, that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, that you must be born again, and that there is one catholic church. (That is, catholic, meaning universal, not Catholic, as in Roman Catholic.) More on our beliefs.


Membership at Church of the King is simple and biblical: attend and give regulalry, believe in the infallibile inspiration of the Bible, believe the doctrines taught in the Apostles’ Creed, and believe in the doctrine of the Trinity.

Do I have to believe everything the church elders believe in order to be a member of Church of the King?

Certain things in the universal church are considered essential doctrines of the Christian faith, such as the doctrines listed in the Apostles’ Creed, the Trinity, and the infallible inspiration of Scripture; and in those we must agree. There are other things we believe that are considered non-essential, like the details on prophecy; and in those we can disagree. It is important to note that just because something is considered a non-essential, it does not mean it isn’t important. We must be willing to debate those issues without dividing, in order to find the truth in scripture.


My Vision
Since we started Church Of The King in 2003, my passion has been to build a church that stands as a witness for
1.) Reformed Theology, the doctrine of God’s sovereignty
2.) The Puritan teaching on The Nature of Saving Conversion 3.) The Puritan Hope that all nations will profess Christ before He returns.
4.) That the Book of Revelation was fulfilled in A.D. 70.
5.) That we might learn from the paradigms of Church History
6.) That King Jesus is now ruling in the midst of His enemies.

I feel this vision with a strong passion for which I am willing to die.

I pray that God will raise up others with the same vision to go “back to the future with the faith of the fathers.”

May Church of the King never make any particular political view an essential of the faith.
churchofthekingmcallen.com on Ware Rd. just south of Trenton.

Side with God against self and be blessed.